Personal Hygiene

About Our Safety Measures

The care and massage pro are aware of the transmission, prevention, and best hygiene practices. We try to maintain the maximum distance with the patient if it is not necessary until he has been placed in the final position in which he/she will have the treatment.

We clean our arms and hands with hydroalcoholic gel prior to the massage. We disinfect the massage table, its components, and the tools used after each massage.

Hand Hygiene

We need your help

Let us know if you have some special physical conditions to consider for our massage therapist.


Please wash your hands before the treatment. Showering before a massage can be a great way to warm your muscles up, and now it also acts as an extra safety step.


Make sure you’re the only adult in the room for your treatment. Answer the door yourself to limit interactions of the professional with other household members.


Beforehand, to help your masseuse avoid contact with your home surfaces, clear a minimum of 2x2m of floor space.


If you have the option of letting fresh air flow through the room before and during your session, that will be great too.